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Tackling a mold infestation as soon as possible is essential to restore your home or business to its proper state.  Breakouts of mold can be extremely harmful to human health and can damage the property you value. Our fully qualified and highly experienced technicians have exactly what it takes to resolve the problem for you with no fuss.  The Service Restoration technicians can expertly handle any infestation safely and efficiently so in record time we can have your home or business back to its former state.

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With more than ten years of experience under our belts we have secured our place as Georgia’s most trusted mold remediation company.  Our expert staff are available in the cities of Atlanta, Marietta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, East Point and Decatur. Our fully licensed technicians take pride in achieving results for you and they deserve the excellent reputation they’ve gained throughout the state.  You can call our teams at Service Restoration 24 hours a day and talk to friendly, polite and knowledgeable consultants to kick start the process of restoration.  If you have a need, we have the know how!  

Service Restoration’s tried and tested experts will inspect and test the mold infestation and after giving you a free estimate, with your go ahead, they will remove and eliminate the mold.  Using techniques backed up by the latest science our mold remediation technicians will have your home or business rapidly restored to its rightful condition.  Nothing inspires our staff to strive for the best results more than the satisfaction of the success they can bring you.

Once we deploy our teams to assist you can be sure in the knowledge that your problems are over.  Our phone staff at Service Restoration will seamlessly handle the arrangements to begin the mold remediation process and our rapid response units will be racing to your door.  We take pride in our fast, effective and respectful customer service and no matter what the problem we always aim to deliver results above expectations.  Our teams on the ground will be sensitive and will always take your individual needs into account. Our technicians are passionate about solving your problems and will clean up the mold infestation and restore you home or business property without exceptions.      



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At Service Restoration we work hard to eradicate mold in the area, efficiently, allowing everyone in the community to enjoy living and working in their spaces. We inspect your building to define the gravity of the problem before taking any action. 

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