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When you have an outbreak of mold or a lingering infestation you need to get expert help you can trust as quickly as possible.  Service Restoration work all over Georgia to secure the results that people need and with over a decade of experience and many satisfied customers we are confident that we can tackle any mold removal job.  Our highly trained, fully qualified technicians have the passion, know how and drive to resolve all your mold infestation situations. Our highly trained technicians are here to help restore your home or business even after the worst outbreaks of mold.

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The staff at Service Restoration know that mold can damage your property, potentially reducing its value as well as cause seriously negative health effects.  Studies have shown that nearly 1 in 5 cases of asthma could be caused by the spores that mold release within our homes.  Getting professional help is essential to clear up the problem and keep you and your family safe. Our well trained rapid response teams use scientifically backed techniques and equipment to eradicate the scourge of mold from your home so you and your family can feel safe again

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Our highly trained technicians will come to your property to conduct an accurate  inspection to assess the situation before they set to work removing the problem mold growth.  Solving the problem is crucial to prevent further damage to your property as well as remove the potential health risks associated with a mold infestation.   In any emergency the Service Restoration teams will help you restore your property and give you back your peace of mind.  Mold outbreaks can occur anywhere that is damp so if it is a recurring problem our teams can also use moisture sensors and probes to assess whether there is an underlying problem.  If we discover that there is an underlying problem then we will waste no time in resolving that as well.

Mold Remediation Services of High Quality and Value

Whether you’ve had an outbreak of mold in your home or business we’ve got your back!  Mold can harm your health and until it’s dealt with the building is not fit for purpose.   Service Restoration have the industry expertise to fully restore your home or business after an infestation of mold.  So don’t take chances with your health and arrange an inspection visit today. Our teams can be with you quickly and will instantly assess the damage and begin working to successfully eradicate the infestation no matter how extensive.

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When we work with you we always offer a free estimate so we can move forward together to solve your mold infestation problems.  We value our relationship and are proud of our business transparency so you know we work together as partners. We have a wide network of professionals all across the state, including our main locations of Atlanta, Marietta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, East Point and Decatur.  We take pride in the quality of our work as well as excellent customer services as we strive to guarantee you the mold cleanup you need quickly and efficiently. The success of Service Restoration is based on superb results so call us today if you have a mold situation which you need inspected and handled by the best professionals in the business.